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Trusts & Asset protection.

We provide purpose designed structures and documents for all your personal and business asset holding operations.

Trusts & Asset protection

How we help.

There are a number of different methods and structures which you may wish to investigate and adopt to protect your assets against any number of events occurring. These events might include a future relationship failure, a future business failure, ‘cross infection’ by other less stable or more risky business activities, and attacks by creditors, partners or spouses.

You may want to protect your interest in a residence, a farm or a business. You may have inherited property, or you may have received property from an unsuccessful relationship. Depending on your own personal circumstances, there are cost efficient and effective ownership and business structures available to achieve your desired result.

We work very closely with your accounting and financial advisers in designing an asset protection plan to provide you with the very best and most effective structures for your personal and business asset holding and operations.

We provide purpose designed structures and documents such as:

  • Family Trusts.
  • Charitable Trusts.
  • Limited Liability Companies.
  • Wills and Estate Planning.
  • Powers of Attorney (Enduring and otherwise).

You and your husband, wife or partner may wish to identify, at the commencement of, during, or at the end of a relationship, whether certain property is to be shared or not shared between you. This is particularly important if this is a second relationship for either of you, and even more so, if children and stepchildren are involved. Your intentions can be recorded in a legally binding document, but it must be prepared by a lawyer, and your signatures must be witnessed and certified by lawyers. Otherwise, any agreement is not binding. We can assist you in addressing all of the issues and in preparing the document in the proper form. We can also arrange for signing and certification.

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